Espanola, New Mexico

Therapy is a ritual – a devoted space in time of engaging conscious and unconscious content and creating a gateway to integrate what is learned into daily life. The heart of my practice is entering into this space with awareness and love – honoring the time I spend with my clients as sacred.

Therapuetic relationships have the potential to rewire our brains and heal our attachment style.  Our attachment style is at the center of how we approach all our relationships.   At its core, my approach begins with authentic connection and building genuine trust.  From that place of safety, I assist individuals in the process of connecting to their own deep place of knowing so that they can live in the world from that place – both their inner world and in the external world.  

Practically, my approach is eclectic and holistic and I feel strongly about addressing all elements of the human experience – mind, body, and spirit..  In sessions, I am ultimately focused on meeting clients where they are and will use the practice that feels the most helpful in the moment.  With that said, experience has shown me that the body offers extensive insight into our experiences and is an intrinsic part of the healing process.  I use mindfulness and connection to breath as foundational skills for wellness and support rewiring the brain to regulate the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system.  I have found Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to be an incredible tool for working with trauma and other chronic issues that have not responded to other traditional modalities.  I also use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and find that a Non-violent communication (NVC) framework is incredibly helpful on an individual level for making sense of thought patterns and getting “unhooked” from thinking that creates suffering. 

As a witness and guide my intention is to support clients to access the innate wisdom that lives inside them as they consciously connect to themselves.  It is equally important that individuals locate the areas and ways that knowledge can be integrated into their lives in a real, practical way that results in the shifts they are seeking.  My intention is that my clients feel deeply seen and acknowledged and that they know they are fully accepted just as they are.  I see wholeness in each person I sit with in the present moment.  For me this journey is not about becoming – its about Being.  Its not about learning as much as unlearning.  Uncovering, recovering, and remembering who we really are…